There are several factors that have changed the way we decorate office spaces in modern society. Some of those influences include an increase in remote work and the onset of the digital revolution. As a result, smaller spaces are needed and more efficient designs are highly sought. Here are a few specific changes in office design trends.

Collaborative Spaces Are on the Rise
Many office buildings and flex spaces are being modified to provide large, collaborative work areas instead of individual office space. This is done to bring workers together to help them communicate more effectively, while also making more efficient use of a small area. Often, this involves setting up an elongated conference table with multiple chairs to create a common area for everyone in the office.

Privacy is Still Valued
Even the most collaborative team has a need for privacy from time to time. Creating an enclosed enclave provides a place for employees to make personal or business calls, or they can use the area to work without distractions. Often, this is the size of a typical office cubicle, except that it’s framed by walls and a door to act as barriers to noise and other intrusions. The area is usually equipped with a phone, computer, desk, chair, and standard office equipment. This cubicle will be shared by everyone in the office, so usage of the privacy enclave may be limited.

Health Precautions Are the New Standard
You shouldn’t expect to see plastic shields or hand sanitization stations disappear anytime soon. Additionally, remote work opportunities are expected to continue to expand in the near future. Businesses will embrace remote work whenever possible because that means there will be fewer people and more space in the office area. The greater concern for health following the recent pandemic ensures we may even see more protective shields in office spaces. Many businesses are also creating break areas that offer more amenities, such as sinks, individual lockers, and other amenities designed to limit exposure.

While these trends may not be permanent, they do seem to be here for awhile. Creating healthier working environments that reduce the potential spread of viruses combined with the need for smaller work areas will continue to influence how we design office space. We’ll undoubtedly see designs reflect these changing needs well into the next few years.