Burnout is a serious threat to your productivity. It often sets in when you work for extended durations of time without exercising the necessary precautions, such as taking a break. Fortunately, burnout is preventable by observing the following tips and tricks.

Setting a Schedule

The number one cause of workplace burnout is working for long without a break. Having a schedule will prevent you from experiencing such burnout. A good schedule should break down your day into different timelines, including when you need to work, take a break, exercise, or even eat and sleep. Sticking to such a schedule will keep your mind and body in good condition for optimal productivity.

Taking a Vacation

Going on leave and taking a break from your workplace responsibilities allows your body and mind to relax. Of course, vacation is always an opportunity to break off from the daily schedule of waking up and going to the office. But, unbelievably, vacation allows your mind to relax and resume office duties at a later date once you are energized.

Find Balance and Harmony

Many people tend to value finding a perfect work-life balance. However, rather than finding a balance, finding harmony between your work and social life is recommendable. A good balance between your work responsibilities and your social life allows you to enjoy being at work and relax when off-duty. Being happy with your job is, therefore, a great way to prevent burnout in your career.

Knowing Your Breaking Point

Working hours on end will undoubtedly expose you to the risk of suffering serious burnout. Different people have different breaking points. Understanding yours allows you to enjoy the freedom of working for extended durations of time provided you do not exceed your limits. If your breaking point is 5 hours, you need not envy people with a breaking point of 8 hours. Sticking to your limit will save you the agony of going through burnout.

Taking a Nap

Napping in between the day is one proven tip that can help you avoid severe exhaustion that brings about burnout. Taking a nap for about half an hour can do wonders in helping your brain to relax and your body to freshen up for the afternoon session. Big companies like Google allow their employees to take afternoon naps. Napping can, therefore, mean the difference between productivity and counter-productivity in the workplace.