A great leader builds relationships with their team to ensure everyone works well together. By taking the time to forge long-lasting relationships with each person on your team, you can build trust and ensure loyalty. Additionally, the following tips can help you strengthen your ability to lead, and boost the productivity of your team.

Promote Open Communication
You’ll experience more success as a leader if you practice open communication with your employees. This partly involves keeping everyone updated on the progress and challenges of your business. Additionally, you should encourage their participation, and listen to every suggestion or concern. When your employees feel as though they’re valued as members of your organization, they will take a deeper interest in the success of your business.

Hire the Best Team Players
When hiring new employees, take the necessary time to carefully scrutinize each candidate. You’ll want to look for more than just the hard skills that are required to perform the job in question. You’ll also want to look for finely developed soft skills that will ensure the new hire will positively contribute to the company culture. Be sure your new hires are talented, invested in their careers, and eager to transition into your team. If you have a bad feeling about a candidate, take your intuition seriously and look for someone else. You should feel good about each person you hire.

Delegate Authority
As much as you might like to be in dozens of places at once, you just can’t do everything yourself. Additionally, micromanaging your team will contribute to a negative workplace environment. You’ll get more accomplished by delegating tasks and giving your team more responsibility. They will strive to prove themselves when you give them small leadership opportunities. In addition to building more trust with your team, this will also help you identify those employees with the potential to move into permanent leadership roles within your organization.

As a business owner, developing these skills will be crucial in helping you lead the team you bring together. While leadership may not be your strong suit, you can improve your ability to lead by consciously practicing these skills consistently. They will become natural aspects to your leadership style and, in the meantime, they will help you forge stronger relationships with your employees.